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5 Factors Threatening Tourism in 2024


5 Factors Threatening Tourism in 2024

Factors Affecting Tourism in 2024

It is stated that 5 important threats will slow down growth in tourism and accommodation in 2024. Those who evaluated HIP Hotel Trends in Spain in 2024 emphasized that they expect a good season but there will be low growth.

What are the threats?

  • one)Price increases in flight tickets towards summer: High ticket prices may reduce international demand.
  • 2)Overcrowding and uncontrolled tourist housing in cities: Problems of increasing crowding and housing growth.
  • 3)High costs and increased supply of accommodation: Can make it difficult to maintain profit margins.
  • 4)Excessive investment demand and lease agreements: May overinflate the sector and jeopardize profitability.
  • 5)Decreased team permanence and sense of belonging: May increase the problem of staff shortages.

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