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5 Epidemic Themed Series You Should Watch on Netflix


5 Epidemic Themed Series You Should Watch on Netflix

We have selected 5 epidemic-themed series for you among Netflix Turkey’s impressive productions. These series, which bear parallels with real-world events, promise both tension-filled and thought-provoking moments. Each of them addresses the issue of the epidemic from different perspectives, offering the audience an unforgettable experience. epidemic TV series.

In this period when conspiracy theories about the new world order are circulating on social media and mega-rich people are buying secret properties and building shelters to hide in cases of disaster, war or social collapse, epidemic and zombie-themed productions are attracting more attention day by day. Here are 5 remarkable Netflix series about the epidemic, ranging from thriller to drama, from science fiction to fantasy:

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The Rain

salgın dizileri
The Rain: Two Danish brothers survive the deadly rain-borne virus that is ravaging Scandinavia and causing massive destruction, joining other teenagers who have similarly survived the disaster. This journey will teach them much more than survival.

This exciting Scandinavian series tells the story of a group of people trying to survive as a deadly virus spreads through rain. The characters’ pasts and their efforts to solve the mystery of the virus offer viewers both emotional depth and plenty of tension. The series, which has aired 18 episodes so far, has already fascinated the audience with its first 3 seasons. epidemic TV series.

sweet home

Hyun is a high school student who is left alone after losing his family in a tragic accident. A homeless teenager must struggle to survive in a world full of monsters seeking to destroy humanity. Facing this dark reality, Hyun will race against time for the salvation of humanity.

Sweet Home, another successful production from South Korea, deals with the struggle of the residents of an apartment building to survive in the midst of a mysterious disease that turns people into monsters. This series offers a unique viewing experience by combining horror and fantasy elements. The 3rd season of the series, whose 18th episode is on air, is expected to be added in the summer of 2024.

Black Summer

salgın dizileri
Set during the zombie apocalypse, the story follows a mother who tries to keep her little daughter safe and embarks on a dangerous journey where no one will find them. In this process, the mother, who struggles to survive with a group of refugees, is forced to make brutal decisions.

This American series, set in the world after the zombie epidemic, reveals the difficult journey of a group of survivors. With realistic character developments and intense action scenes, Black Summer gives the audience moments full of adrenaline. This striking series, consisting of 8 episodes in each season, awaits its audience with its two published seasons.

Pandemic How to Prevent an Outbreak

Pandemic How to Prevent an Outbreak

This documentary series tells the stories of scientists and healthcare professionals who strive to prevent and control epidemics around the world. Presenting real-life scenes, Pandemic reveals the science and struggle behind epidemics. This 6-episode mini-series details the efforts to prevent the next global pandemic following the war on influenza.


On the one hand, a modern and rich life, and on the other hand, a struggle in misery and poverty, struggling with economic difficulties. Between these two poles, people who yearn for a better life are presented with a rare opportunity. However, only 3% of the candidates will be able to pass this difficult exam and emerge from darkness into the light.

This Brazilian dystopian series takes place in a world where only 3% of society competes to go to a paradise where they can live. Dealing with the themes of epidemic and resource scarcity, 3% offers a striking look at social justice and the struggle for survival. Get ready for an uninterrupted 4 seasons! epidemic TV series.

The Legend of Zombie Productions: The Walking Dead

I think there is no one who hasn’t heard or watched the American television series “The Walking Dead”, which was produced in 2010 and lasted for 11 seasons. However, let us present this series as our best recommendation for those who have not yet started this visual feast. Also, don’t miss the sequels in the expanding universe of “The Walking Dead” series: the first sequel, “Dead City,” the second sequel, “Daryl Dixon,” and the third sequel, “The Ones Who Live,” are also must-watch.


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