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2023 Türkiye Tourism Data and Performance


2023 Türkiye Tourism Data and Performance

How Many Tourists Visited Turkey in 2023? From Which Countries Did The Most Visitors Come?

Speaking yesterday at the meeting held in the foyer area of ​​the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) Theater Hall, Minister Ersoy stated that 2022 is a very important year in which the global coronavirus epidemic emerged, and that Turkey made a rapid entry into 2023 and the number of visitors increased to 56.7 million. explained. The most visitors came from the Russian Federation, Germany and the United Kingdom.

How Long Did Tourists Stay in Our Country on Average and How Much Did They Spend Daily During Their Holidays?

Minister Ersoy stated that tourists will stay an average of 9.8 nights in 2023 and per person nightly expenses will increase to 99 dollars. He gave detailed information about the time tourists spent in Turkey and their expenses.

Developments in Tourism with Product and Destination Diversity

Minister Ersoy emphasized that there is a diversification of products and destinations in tourism and stated that products that include short-term stays such as weekend city getaways, international events, and sports tournaments increase the flow of tourists.

Tourism Revenues and Future Goals

Minister Ersoy announced that tourism revenues increased to 54.3 billion dollars in 2023 and an income of 60 billion dollars is targeted, a new record. He also touched upon the 2024 targets and shared the developments and future plans in tourism.


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