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11 New Airlines Are Added to İGA Istanbul Airport


11 New Airlines Are Added to İGA Istanbul Airport

Increasing Investments

Deputy CEO of İGA Istanbul Airport, Selahattin Bilgen, stated that they declared 2024 as the year of investment and in this context, İGA’s total investment budget this year will reach 656.5 million Euros. Stating that they aim to host 85 million passengers in 2024, Bilgen announced that 11 more airlines will be added this year to the 101 airlines they serve.

New Airline Additions

Bilgen stated that they set out with the aim of increasing the number of airline companies served at Istanbul Airport, which was 61 in 2019, to 100 airlines in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, and said that they exceeded this target and completed the year with 101 airlines. They announced that they will host a total of 11 new airlines by the end of 2024.


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